Diary of Anne Frank



Choose one of the following situations. Follow these guidelines in an effort to finish the entire assignment by the end of THIS class period:

Pre-write: 5 minutes
Drafting: 15 minutes
Revising: 10 minutes
Final: 15 minutes

A. The Nazis have discovered that Miep Gies is hiding Jews and are ready to send her to a concentration camp for this crime. Write an editorial to the local newspaper telling why she should or should not be punished.

B. You are a Christian during World War II and it is your job to convince Hitler that the Jews should not be persecuted. Write a business letter to him citing your reasons.

C. It is now 1946. You were a Nazi during World War II, helping to round up Jews and send them to concentration camps. Write what you would say in your own defense to the jury who is trying to convict you of war crimes using an outline format similar to a legal brief.