Social Studies WebQuests

WebQuests are problem-based/inquiry learning experiences on the web. A WebQuest can be short or long-term. All of the resources students need to participate are available and are clearly defined. Bernie Dodge is thought to be the guru of WebQuest . If you are not familiar with Mr. Dodge, start your voyage through WebQuests with his site listed below. Be advised, many webquests incorporate more than a single subject area. Browse all of them to find exactly what you need.

For First Time Visits: Bernie Dodge's The WebQuest Page
This page will tell you everything that you need to know.

A Draft Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

The 1920's and Its Excesses

The 1930s WebQuest

The 1960s

African Art and Culture
A WebQuest to learn about African art and culture. Story writing is a part of the lesson. There is a reproducible student worksheet for student use

The Amish

Ancient Egypt Webquest?
This is an interactive unit designed to help students discover via a "dig" knowledge and understanding of the Ancient Egypt.

Ancient Greek Life

Astronaut Hunt?
Astronaut hunt to find objects and articles having to do with astronauts and space travel.?

Australian Animals?

Basic Hazards Common to Food Service Kitchens?

Bermuda: Webquest?
You are shipwrecked on a desert island. You and your group must pick from four occupations: captain, first mate, carpenter, and scientist as you attempt to survive.

Bilingual Webquest?
New Mexico and its people is the focus of the quest.

Bill of Rights Webquest

Cape Hatteras Lighthouse?
Did you know that the tallest lighthouse in America is the Cape Hatteas lighthouse in North Carolina? However in this quest the government wants this huge structure moved. Participate and find out why??

Cinco De Mayo?

Civil War, The: Abraham Lincoln?

Corps of Discovery Webquest?
You will create a journal as part of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.?

Culture Quest?
Learn about minorities. What makes them different, the same??

Democracy and Iraq: Creating a Constitution

Desert Quest?
Enter a contest by coming up with a desert? ecosystem design.

Egyptian Mummies?
On a dig in Egypt, you will find out what a mummy is and? the process of mummification.


As a newspaper reporter in the 1860's, you must write about each big battle between the states.

Gilligan's Hawaiian Island Reunion?
You are Gilligan as he tries to rescue his lost friends whose planes have gone down in the ocean.

Global Food Trek?
Discover what other cultures eat for lunch and dinner.

Iditarod Webquest
You have to convince your parents that Alaska would be the best place for a family vacation.

Immigration and New York City

Immigration WebQuest

King Tut WebQuest
Each? team member? will research the question: was King Tut murdered? Then write an essay paper defending your answer.

Lewis & Clark - Extra Edition?
You will? produce a newspaper, much as what could have been written if you were a member of the Lewis and Clark Expedition.

Look Who's Footing the Bill

Native Americans of Texas, The

New Mexico in 1864
Students will? experience what life was like in the Territory of New Mexico in 1864.

Ole! Bullfighting!
The quest's goal: find out when and where bullfighting came from.

Olympic Games of Ancient Greece, The

Onate Revisits El Camino Real
The students will split into two groups: the Conquistadors and the Land Rovers. Both groups will make a brochure for the Camino Real Trail.

Outback Christmas
Your family has to move to Australia two weeks before Christmas. What are you? to expect?

Paint Mount Rushmore Red
This quest promotes higher level thinking skill by having students research the case of Loenard Peltier, leader of the American Indian Movement, who is serving a life sentence in prison today. Should he be pardoned or not? Students must base their response on facts.

Pilgrim Life Adventure

Life in Rural America in the 1800s
Students will discover what life was like for the farmers and ranchers of this time period.

Maori Webquest ?
Students will? be studying the Maori tribe, which is one of the indigenous tribes of this New Zealand culture.

Mock Trial: Amistad Case
Students will participate in a Mock Trial. They will seek to determine whether Africans who mutinied on the ship, Amistad, will be set free to return to Africa, or whether they will be sold into slavery in America.?

Nathaniel Bacon Lives! ?
Students will research American leaders and the techniques that they used to promote their beliefs. Students will develop their own campaign, promote it to their classmates using the persuasive propaganda methods studied in this activity.?

Searching for China

The USA WebQuest

Titanic Mock Trial?
Students put the White Star Line on trial for the sinking of the Titanic.?

Trekking the Sante Fe Trail?
As a member of the? museum designing team for the Sante Fe Trail section, you must research the trail in order to a determine the design elements.?

Turn Back the Clock?
For 30 years, NASA has been working on a machine that would allow you to travel back in time. Take the trip.

Tuskegee Tragedy