Math WebQuests

WebQuests are problem-based/inquiry learning experiences on the web. A WebQuest can be short or long-term. All of the resources students need to participate are available and are clearly defined. Bernie Dodge is thought to be the guru of WebQuest . If you are not familiar with Mr. Dodge, start your voyage through WebQuests with his site listed below. Be advised, many webquests incorporate more than a single subject area. Browse all of them to find exactly what you need.

For First Time Visits: Bernie Dodge's The WebQuest Page
This page will tell you everything that you need to know.

A Draft Rubric for Evaluating WebQuests

College Fund WebQuest?
WebQuest in which students must invest their money for college. They must research options, review graphs, and charts to determine which investments will give them the? greatest returns on their investments.

Fractal Geometry & Art?
Students will research fractals and locate examples in art and nature. They will construct a fractal from instructions given in linked sites.?

Fractal Microscope

Fractals- Snowflake Fractal
This Java program teaches students to c
reate their own fractals with this tool that allows them to specify a "drawing rule" that the computer uses to make curves like the famous Koch Snowflake. The "canvas" shows their results (instructions, links and help tools included.

Math and Physics Quest

Titanic: What Do the Numbers Tell Us?
In this webquest history and mathematics are linked by statistics. The stories of the people of the Titanic give the data real meaning.