Homeschooling Materials, Books & Other Resources

The supplies required for homeschooling will depend greatly on the teaching style and educational goals of the homeschooling parent. Homeschooling your child does not have to be expensive to provide your student with a well-rounded education. Regular use of the library, community equipment, purchased supplies, and other homeschool resources can help to reduce these costs. A curriculum can also be borrowed, purchased, or devised by a teacher. That being said, you’ll find a list of the basic essentials that a homeschooling education will require.

Writing Materials

Important home school materials used in various subjects for writing include lined and unlined paper, three-ring binders, paper clips, folders, notebooks, pens and pencils, and erasers. These types of materials also help to keep the student organized. Other materials that can be very useful, depending on grade level, are a dictionary and thesaurus. Other inexpensive odds and ends can be picked up and may be proven helpful, such as scotch tape and glue sticks.

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Math Materials

Mathematics is an important part of any students’ curriculum. Common math essentials required for learning include a ruler, compass, graphing paper, standard or graphing calculator, and a protractor. To keep math papers organized, a three-ring binder or folder can be used. Another great home school resource is a spiral notebook with lined paper used for figuring out math problems.

Art Materials

Art is a favorite subject among many students, as it allows for an outlet of creativity. The most basic art materials include school glue, markers, paints, brushes, crayons, colored paper, construction paper, scissors, and clay. Other home schooling materials for art may include sketch pads, tissue paper, and magazines to cut out objects and words to use in projects. Many supplies that are used in one subject can be used in other subjects as well.

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Computer and Software

With advances in online learning, a computer and proper software are must-have homeschooling materials for many parents. Children who are eight years and older are able to review lessons, take quizzes and tests, and participate in educational games online. The use of a printer can be used to print free lesson plans and other educational materials. Many libraries also offer limited computer time to students.

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Books and Workbooks

Both textbooks and accompanied workbooks are essential home school books. These are designed to create measurable growth in subject compression and skills. Parents can purchase workbooks that list activities and exercises that go along with the chapters in the textbook. Many online curriculums will have e-books, or online text books, that can be reviewed by students online.

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Library Card

One of the most useful homeschooling materials for every student or parent to have is a library card. This card will provide access to multiple library resources, such as books, videos, magazines, newspapers, journals, DVDs, CDs, and audio books. These resources can be used in a variety of school subjects. Another bonus of obtaining a library card is that the borrowed materials are free to use.