What are Home School Requirements?

An increasing number of parents are educating their children at home instead of sending them to formal schools. Homeschooling may be an unconventional way to educate kids, but it can be more effective than typical education if it is done the right way. Parents have to be prepared to make sacrifices if they want their children to get the best education at home. Before they decide to homeschool their kids, they need to understand the requirements of homeschooling.

First, parents need to determine how they want to homeschool their kids. They can educate their children themselves, use homeschooling curriculums, hire private tutors, or enroll their children in online schools. The cost of homeschooling varies from one method to another, and it can be higher than the cost of formal schooling. In addition, parents have to ensure that they have someone at home to look after their children. If both parents are working outside, they have to spend extra money to hire a guardian or child sitter. If they decide to stay at home themselves, they may have to give up their jobs, and this can lead to loss of income. Many parents who choose to homeschool their kids work at home.

To make homeschooling work, parents have to keep track of their children’s academic progress. They have to be willing to spend more time with their children to find out how much they have learned. If their kids show slow progress, they need to find ways to improve their learning proficiency. Other than gaining bookish knowledge, children also need to take part in extracurricular activities, and parents have to engage their kids in physical activities and hobbies. Homeschooling requires a lot of commitment, and it is not a suitable option for parents who do not have the time and patience to provide constant guidance for their children.

Another homeschooling requirement that parents need to be aware of is the homeschooling laws in their states. Different states have different homeschooling laws, and they are generally categorized as states that require no notice, and states with low, moderate, and high regulation. States that do not require parents to provide notification of their intention to homeschool their children include Texas, Idaho, Missouri, Oklahoma, Indiana, Michigan, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey. Those that need notification only are California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona, Nebraska, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Kentucky, Kansas, Alabama, Mississippi, Washington D.C., and Delaware.

States that have moderate regulation require parents to submit notification, professional evaluation of students’ academic progress, and test scores. These states include Colorado, Oregon, Iowa, South Dakota, Ohio, Louisiana, Arkansas, Tennessee, Virginia, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Maryland, and Florida. Parents in states with high regulation need to provide notification, professional evaluation, test scores, written curriculum, and information regarding the qualification of teachers. They should also expect occasional visits by state officials. States that have high regulation for homeschooling are North Dakota, Utah, Washington, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, West Virginia, New York, Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, and Rhode Island.

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