How to Get Your High School Diploma From Home

One important tool for a successful life is a high school diploma. Completing high school is essential as studies show that high school graduates have more and better opportunities to compete in the job market. There are varied reasons why students drop out of high school, but there are options to earn a high school diploma at home.

Attending High School at Home:

There are ways of earning a high school diploma without attending a regular school. Many learners consider these ways a better alternative to standard classrooms. Some benefits of attending school at home are:

1. Students are not required to attend regular classes in school;

2. The venue is the learner’s home;

3. Curriculum is the same as any high school offering;

4. Lessons are regulated by either one’s parents or teachers from umbrella schools;

5. Courses are based mainly on printed materials, audio or video cassettes. Online courses are done through the Internet;

6. All learning materials, rented textbooks and tapes, assessment of teachers and academic assistance are received via mail, phone, fax or email; and

7. Lessons are done independently, however, the student can request for assistance at any time.

Home Schooling Options:

Home schooling is a great way of earning an at home high school diploma. Many home school options are offering programs to match one’s educational goals and needs.

1. Home School – A home school is a type of schooling whereby parents or tutors take on the responsibility of teaching the academic curriculum to their children at home; rather than enrolling them with any public or private school. This way of learning is acceptable and legalized in many parts of the world today. Of course, individual States require their own regulations. At present, approximately more than a million families are educating their children at home. Usually, the stay-at-home parent assumes this duty.

Benefits are: parents spend more time with their children; lessons are suited to their children’s needs and it is more economical.

2. Securing a GED – The three letters mean General Education Development test. This type of test is given for 16 years or older who have not finished high school but would like to obtain their diploma.

The American Council on Education (ACE) is the sole agency that administers the GED test which is taken at a specified official venue, not online. The exams have a set of five tests which are in math, science, social studies, reading and writing ability.

Benefits of a GED diploma: secure a better job, get a diploma faster, become a more valuable employee, open the door for further studies, have a great sense of accomplishment and experience a high educational achievement.

 3. Correspondence School – High school diplomas at home can be earned through a Correspondence School. This type of school sends its lessons, instructions and examinations by mail.

It offers a complete curriculum for a high school education based on the student’s grade level. Finished assignments and tests are mailed to the teachers for evaluation. Parents are assured that their children are properly instructed on every subject.

4. Online High School Course – A student can complete a high school online and earn an at home high school diploma.

The Online High School diploma program is created for all high school age students and older learners. Every aspect of the program, such as coursework, assignments and exams are done online at any time and based on the learner’s own pace. This is the fastest and most effective method to assist students so they can obtain a high school diploma. The course is affordable and the course in its entirety is done online.


1. Home schools are conducted primarily by the students’ parents or tutors. They follow the same curriculum for their level and the regulations promulgated by their own district.

2. Students qualify for GED exams if they are not presently enrolled in high school; not a high school graduate; atleast sixteen years old and possess the other state requirements.

3. Correspondence Schools for high school require students to have completed eighth grade which is proven by the submission of a school transcript, or standardized test scores showing that it is at par or above eighth grade marks in all subject areas.

4. Online High Schools require students to be at least 18 years of age to quality to order the high school diploma upon completion of the course requirements.

Acquiring your Diploma:

1. Home Schools do not need any district or state graduation requirements in issuing an at home high school diploma. The reason is that parents or tutors did not involve the school in their district.

2. The GED’s are granted when students successfully pass a set of tests comprising five academic subjects. The required grade for passing each test is a score above 60% from a selected group of graduating students.

3. Correspondence School awards a high school diploma at home when the students accomplish four years’ credits of school work. Qualified instructors hand graded all the examinations given in each course.

4. Online High Schools give students the complete full test program and merit a passing score for each section, To move on to the next section, the student must get a 70% score or higher.


Home schooling gives freedom for young people to understand their own capabilities, learn independence in managing their activities, promote their own interests and learn according to their own pace. They are able to create goals and make decisions in a secured and supportive environment minus peer pressure. In summary, home schooling offers an environment conducive for growth and opportunities. Best of all, the students can be awarded home school diplomas.

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