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Tutoring offers many benefits for students; whether they are struggling with getting good grades or having trouble coping with schoolwork, tutoring can help students develop the skills needed to succeed. It gives them the personalized intervention that they may not get in the classrooms and it helps them become more proficient in subjects in which they are weak. Most students who have taken advantage of tutoring services have shown significant improvement in their schoolwork and exams.

Finding a Tutor

There are many agencies, private institutions, and individuals offering tutoring services. Students can find tutors for almost any subject or skill level. When trying to find a tutor, it is important to check the backgrounds and credentials of tutors before hiring them. Make sure that they have enough teaching experience and a good record in helping students achieve academic success. Cost is also a factor when choosing the tutoring service that is right for you or your child.

Tutoring Online

Online tutoring services are also available. Learning from an online tutor has a number of advantages over traditional tutoring. Students may have more tutors and services to choose from and they can access information anytime they need. Online tutoring is especially suitable for students who are technologically savvy. It is advisable for students to select reputable online tutoring service providers with a history of positive feedback and good reviews from parents and educators.

  • Tutor Vista: The center had logged more than 5.5 million tutoring sessions.
  • Trans Tutors: The place to submit questions or assignments which are to be answered by expert tutors.
  • One of the best online tutoring services on the Internet.
  • eTutor: Offers independent and guided web-based learning.
  • Tutor Next: They have hundreds of tutors covering all sorts of subjects.
  • Transweb Tutors: The center provides online tutoring, homework assignment help, exam preparation, and free worksheets.
  • EduWizards: For the low price of $99 per month, you can get unlimited tuition.
  • eTutor World: Offers guaranteed results for AP, SAT, math, and science.
  • Home Tutoring Online: The center provides one-to-one online tutoring for UK folks.
  • Verbal Planet: A great place to get online tutoring for languages.

Private Tutoring

Private tutoring refers to one-on-one tutoring. It is a preferred form of tutoring, because it gives students personalized attention. Private tutors will help their students cope with subjects that they are having trouble with and strengthen their understanding of subjects that they are already good in. Some private tutors can also help students get ahead of their classmates by teaching them things that are beyond their grade levels. Students may also feel more comfortable asking questions in a one-on-one setting.

  • WyzAnt: They have close to 30,000 certified private tutors for in-home tuition across all states.
  • Home Tutors Directory: One of the top private home tutoring centers in the UK.
  • Crown Tutoring: Provides affordable private home tutoring in many cities in the US.
  • Tutors Teach: Established since 1999, the center offers private tutoring in all the states.
  • Private Tutoring Services: Started in 1989, the tutoring center provides specialized private tuition.
  • Kip McGrath: Offers top quality face-to-face in many countries around the world.
  • Parliament Tutors: The center has many qualified private tutors servicing many states.
  • Tutoring for Excellence: A leading private tutoring center in Australia.
  • Tutor Hunt: The website connects private tutors with students.
  • Plus Plus Tutoring: The private tuition center specializes on K12 home tutoring.

Other Types of Tutoring

Other than private tutoring and online tutoring, there are other types of tutoring services for students to choose from. There may be local tutoring centers available in your area. Students can find tutoring centers through their guidance counselors, academic support centers, and teachers. They may also be available in newspaper ads and local phone books.

Another option for students is to attend a tutoring program at brand learning centers, such as Huntington Learning Centers and Sylvan Learning Centers. These learning centers have nationwide locations, and they conduct an evaluation of students’ skills to provide the best tutoring solutions. They can be expensive, but they offer high-quality education. 

  • Sylvan Learning: More than 900 centers located in the US, Canada, and abroad.
  • Academic Coaching: The center offers academic coaching services in Walnut Creek, California.
  • Academic Success Center: Clemson University provides academic coaching for students.
  • Taproot: The center specializes in academic coaching.
  • Kumon: The world famous math and reading enrichment program.
  • Peer Tutoring: A program for people who are interested in peer tutoring.
  • Princeton: The peer tutoring program at Princeton University.
  • Memory Improvement: An online course to help students improve their powers of memory.
  • Special Needs: The tuition center serves people with special needs.
  • Fleet Tutors: Provides tuition for special education needs in the UK.

Additional Resources

Here are links to websites with more information about tutoring services:

  • Club Z: Possibly the largest in-home tutoring center in the world.
  • Local Tutor: Come here to find a local tutor in the UK.
  • Extra Tuition: Offers all types of tuition services.
  • Premium Tutor: A top tutoring center in the United States.
  • Huntington: The learning center offers K12 tutoring, ACT, and SAT/PSAT prep.
  • Tutor Match: The website matches students and tutors around the world.
  • Tutor Doctor: Offers total tutoring solutions in a number of countries.
  • Tutoring Club: Promises to improve math, reading, writing, study skills, and more.
  • The Tutoring Center: One of the best tutoring centers in the US.
  • Enjoy Education: A premier tutoring agency in London.
  • Home Tutors: Probably the largest home tuition center in the UK.
  • Tier One: This tutoring center services the Los Angeles area.
  • Homework Tutoring: Helps students of all levels in their school work.
  • Tutors International: A worldwide tutoring center.
  • Accelerated Spanish: Provides the best online Spanish instructions.
  • SOS Tutoring: Offers help for students in McGill University, York University, University of Toronto, Concordia University, and Ryerson University.
  • Buddy School: An online platform where students and tutors can meet.
  • Brain Quotient: Offers unique homeschooling solutions.
  • Khan Academy: Come here to access more than 30 million online lessons on various subjects.
  • Growing Stars: Provides one-on-one online tutoring for K12 students.