An Inquirer's Guide To The Universe
This site has activities and questions designed to stimulate discussions with kids. There are space facts and space lore. There is also a collection of imaginary planets that provoke stories and thoughts on what life on another planet would be like. The site accepts submissions from visitors and places them in the Space Story Portfolio.

Astronomy Picture of the Day
Pictures of the universe, brief written explanations by experts, and related site sources.

Big Bear Solar Observatory
This site is dedicated to observing daily solar phenomena? Take a virtual tour of this observatory and read more about helioseismology.
Visitors will take a virtual tour to the nine planets and the sun.

High-Energy Astrophysics Learning Center
Students may visit and learn about X-rays and gamma rays.

Jack Horkheimer: Star Gazer
? Star Gazer Jack Horkheime is the , host of a weekly Public Broadcasting System (PBS) show on naked-eye astronomy. The site is aimed at novice stargazers.?

Live From Mars---Internet Project
Current information and images from Sojourner .
A page of student artwork and stump questions.

Mount Wilson Observatory
Education section with constellation quiz.

The NASA Homepage
The site contains information about NASA projects, lesson plan and more.

NASA Largely Research Center
You will find links to other government laboratories including N.S.F., D.O.D., etc.

NASA's Education Program
Material from NASA to support the space science curriculum.
This site is an interesting combination of news and entertainment. You will find reviews of TV shows, movies and books(for example, episodes of "Star Trek: Voyager" ,"The X-Files," and the book "John Glenn: A Memoir." ).Then there is Area51, here you will find extraterrestrial news and for fun there are play areas and stories for the kids.

The Planetary Society
News about Mars exploration, and comet and asteroid discoveries.

Site focuses on astronomy with links to many other astronomy sites.

Current news,pictures, archives of previous NASA? information.

Welcome to the Planets
Images and research information.

Windows to the Universe
This site will yield you images and information on the solar system, space missions, important space leaders in space exploration, space poetry and space mythology.