Ask Dr. Math
Site contains algebra topics in the archives as well as current material

Box Office Returns
Concept taught via the movies. The data used deals with box office revenues per month over a nine year period. Many ways to represent data are presented.

Cool Math
Many topics including Algebra at this fun site.

Cube Coloring Problem
Hands-on exploration of cubic growth and graphing.

Dave's Math Tables
A site that contains many topics including Algebra.

Graphs, Stories, and Games
Teacher site.

Graph Theory
Learn via the examples

Introduction to Algebra

Linear and Nonlinear Graphs
This site is an experiment involving punch ball inflation that generates data for students to use to create graphs.

Matrices: Introduction and Basic Operations

Math Library - Algebra

Mathematical Tables and Formulas

Matrix Algebra

Quadratic Equations: Solutions by Factoring

Real World Mathematics -
Links include Algebra.

SOS Mathematics
Many topics including Algebra at this site.

The Largest Known Primes

Web Math
Many topics including Algebra at this site.

University of Akron: Algebra Review in 10 lessons
Site contains downloadable PDF documents