Back to School Crafts and First Day of School Activities

The first day of school is an exciting experience for many kids. Some kids are anxious about going back to school, while others are bursting with joy. No matter how a student is feeling, back to school activities and crafts can help them to settle into the school year. There are a variety of first day of school activities and crafts that can help a teacher make the first day of school an enjoyable experience for all of his or her new students.

A Collection of Ideas for Back to School Activities and Crafts

  1. A Pencil Giveaway Game. First, a teacher must buy a gathering of colorful pencils for his or her students. Next, each student in the class tells everyone his or her name. Then, the student lets the class know about an exciting thing he or she did over summer vacation. Finally, the student gets to choose a pencil out of a canister held by the teacher. This game helps students get to know one another and allows the teacher to learn their names.
  2. Draw a Name Game. A teacher must prepare for this game by writing the names of all the students on slips of paper and placing them in a canister. When all of the students are seated in the classroom on the first day, the teacher draws a name out of the canister. That student shares one thing he or she wants to learn that year with the class.
  3. A Simple Paper Plate Craft. For this back to school craft, the teacher provides students with markers or crayons and a paper plate. Each student decorates a paper plate with his or her favorite food items. After a student is finished decorating a plate, he or she signs his name. The teacher can incorporate these paper plates in the décor of the classroom. For extra flair, a teacher may attach the students' pictures to their paper plates.
  4. Share an Interest Activity. A teacher provides each student with an index card on the first day of school. First, the student writes his or her name on the card. Then, the student writes down three interests. Children must visit with three other students in the class, introduce themselves, and share the interests they have written down.
  5. An Introduction Activity. A teacher asks students to sit down in a circle. The teacher sits down with the class and rolls a tennis ball to one of the students. The student will introduce him or herself and name a favorite book. That student rolls the ball to a fellow classmate who repeats the routine. Of course, if someone rolls the ball to the teacher he or she must participate. This activity helps kids learn the names of their classmates as well as what they like to read.
  6. A Student Profile Craft. A teacher must make up a list of profile questions for each student to fill out on the first day of school. Some of the questions may include: How many brothers and sisters do you have? Do you have any pets? What is your favorite season? Each week the teacher will put up the profile of a student on the bulletin board. The teacher may want to ask the child to bring in a photograph to display with the profile. This craft is a great way for students to get to know a little bit about one another.
  7. An Airplane Craft. A teacher will find a template for an airplane and allow each student to decorate one. Then, the teacher will have each student write his or her name on the plane. All of the students introduce themselves to the class and go up to attach their airplane to the teacher's bulletin board. This craft will help kids learn the names of their classmates as well as help a teacher decorate his or her room.
  8. Student Interview Activity. On the first day of school, a teacher gives every student an index card with three questions on it. Some sample questions are: What is your favorite movie? What is your favorite subject in school? What is your favorite poem? The teacher will then divide the class into pairs and have the students interview one another. After five minutes, each of the students will let the class know their partner's name along with their answers to the interview questions.
  9. Bean Bag Answer Game. A teacher finds a small beanbag and walks around the class on the first day of school. When the teacher drops the beanbag on a student's desk, the person must tell everyone his or her name. The student must also tell everyone the name of a favorite wild or domestic animal. This is a fun way for students to learn about one another.
  10. Future Career Craft. On the first day of school, a teacher hands out a piece of construction paper to each student. On the top of the construction paper, he or she writes: 'I want to be…' Students are then given some time to write what they want to be when they grow up. Every student must write his or her name on the paper and decorate it. These papers will be displayed on a bulletin board in the classroom. If the teacher keeps the bulletin board up all year, the students will have fun looking back at their answers.

Back to school crafts and activities are an easy way for students to become acquainted. By organizing a simple activity or craft, a teacher sets a comfortable tone on the first day of school.

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