Best Homework Sites for Middle Schoolers

As kids begin middle school, they are often shocked by the differences in atmosphere and the amount of work they are expected to do. Along with more difficult work and more responsibilities comes more difficult homework. Luckily, there are many resources available online that can be a great help when trying to do your homework. The following is a list of some great subject specific resources as well as a list of general homework help resources.

Science Resources

  • Kids Science Activities – a list of science activities and resources for grades 3 through 12
  • Best Science Resources – a list of the best science websites for students including general science, biology, chemistry, physics, and much more
  • Science Resources – a list of great science resources for middle schoolers as well as some elementary and high school sites
  • Biology Resources – an extensive list of biology resources for students on many different topics

Math Resources

  • Online Math Activities – a list of resources for various online math activities for students
  • Mathematics – a list of math links for middle schoolers as well as elementary and high schoolers

Social Studies Resources

  • General Social Studies – a list of general social studies resources with information on the United States, current events, and fun games
  • Social Studies Sources – a list of resources for students as well as teachers, including great homework help

Homework Help Websites

  • Homework Help – homework help resources for math, english, science, social studies and more from the Discovery channel education site
  • Live Online Tutoring – a site that offers online homework help tutorials as well as live tutoring online (there is a charge for live tutoring)
  • Homework Help for Kids – a nationally recognized site offering homework help for kids in all subjects
  • Homework Center – a homework help database from the Multnomah County Library
  • Live Homework Help – free live homework help from online tutors from the Alabama Public Library Service
  • Homework Now – a live online homework help service from the State Library of Ohio, the service offers homework assistance from librarians