Used Homeschool Curriculum

Homeschooling is a choice that more and more parents are finding themselves committing their families and children to. The one factor that can make this experience even better for families is if they are able to locate and use a used homeschool curriculum. Homeschooling can require a lot of extensive course work, and when it does, families who have to spend the money will be looking for ways to save on the cost expenditure. A used homeschool curriculum can be a great way to save money if you are not too picky about receiving second-hand materials.


One of the most important benefits to obtaining a used homeschool curriculum is that it will save money. The money retained in the saving can even be spent by families on other schooling essentials like computers, calculators or a tutor if the child so needs. One of the easiest and most convenient ways of locating and purchasing a used homeschool curriculum is by finding websites that trade or swap the homeschool curriculum. This constitutes people selling their old curriculum for a low price, which creates great buying opportunities for others.

If money is tight, or if you do not see the purpose of buying a new home school curriculum, there is always the option of buying a used home school curriculum instead. As long as the material is still in good and useable condition, it should not matter that it is used.

Finding Used Homeschool Curriculum

To learn more about used homeschool curriculum, consult the following links:

· The Swap: The website that claims it is the oldest and first used curriculum swap site.

· The Back Pack: Sells all kinds of educational materials including used homeschool curriculum.

· Used Homeschool Books: Self-explanatory, this website deals in selling used homeschool books and curriculum

· Homeschool Classifieds: Classified ads website that specializes in used homeschool curriculum.

· Educator’s Exchange: Providing parents and children with used homeschool curriculum since 1992.

· Edaccents: With over 11,000 books in store, this website carries used curriculum books for homeschoolers.

· Well-trained Minds Forum: Forum that contains a swap section where people can list used homeschooling books for sale or purchase them from others.

· Homeschoolbid: Auction website that allows people to both bid and sell used homeschool curriculum.

· Used Curriculum Swaps: Specializes in the swapping of used homeschooling curriculum.

· Homeschool Classified Corner: Service that connects families who seek to sell or buy used homeschool curriculum.

· Homeschool Shopper: Created for homeschooler to post their used curriculum for free. Site also supports buying and trading used homeschool curriculum

· Schoolbook Swap: A message board that specializes in letting people either buy or sell used curriculum items like textbooks.

· Used Homeschool Curriculum: Website where people meet to sell and buy homeschool curriculum that is used.

· Barb’s Books: Educational company that features new and used books that can be used for homeschooling.

· Half Price Books: Store that specializes in buying and selling used books among other materials, which includes homeschool curriculum.

· The Curriculum Exchange: Serves homeschool needs by offering used curriculum.

· Homeschool Central Resource Center: Website run by Michigan family that has been selling used curriculum for two decades.

· Moore Expressions: Used bookstore that specializes in homeschooling curriculum.

· Best Homeschool Buys: Links to used curriculum homeschool materials.

· Home School Book Depot: Seller of used homeschool books that are Christian and secular.

· Homeschool World Forum: Message board that feature used homeschool curriculum buying, selling and trading.

· Christian Home Schoolers: Seller of homeschool curriculum resources including used books.

· Amazon: Search results for homeschool materials that can be purchased used.

· Edify at Home: Website that specializes in listing used homeschool curriculum and selling them.

· Salt & Light Learning: Based in Northern Colorado, this store sells used homeschool curriculum.

· Vegsource: Website that features both swap boards for home school curriculum as well as places to discuss.

· Used homeschool math items: List of used books from eBay that can be used for a homeschool math curriculum.

· Min’s Book Cellar: Fast-growing, online bookstore that sells used books for homeschoolers.

· Leaping from the Box: E-mail lists, forums, message boards, and support groups for those looking for used homeschool curriculums.

· ABEKAFORSALE: Yahoo group set up for the purpose of trading and swapping used books for homeschooling.

· Home School Book Sale: Allows people to both buy and sell homeschool curriculum.

· Your Homeschool Helper: Website established by a parent who wants to make it easier to get resources like used curriculums to homeschoolers.

· The Homeschool Mom: Advice for homeschoolers and links to places to buy used curriculum materials.

· The Book Cover: A store that resells homeschool curriculum textbooks.

· Pennywise Learning: Supplier of Christian homeschool needs, including a clearance center.

· The Book Cellar: Series of stores that lets people sell them used textbooks, which can be bought by parents of homeschooling children for curriculum.

· Homeschool Associates: Offers help to those who are considering homeschooling their children.

· Debra Bell’s Homeschool Resource Center: Resource website that includes a discussion group where parents may be directed to used homeschool curriculum.

· Sonlight: Company that specializes in helping out families looking for information on used homeschool curriculum.

· Used Homeschool Curriculum for Sale: Web page run by the Brunets of Tennessee that sells a lot of used homeschool curriculum.