Free Lesson Plans for Teacher

Lesson plans are useful educational materials that can help teachers execute their teaching strategies, organize their lessons, and reach their teaching objectives. In order to make learning more effective for students, teachers need to spend more time and effort to create lesson plans that are elaborate and well structured. Here is information on how to create lesson plans.

Important Features

Lesson plans should be created based on the teachers’ guiding principles for delivering effective lessons. They should have a number of features that describe lesson procedures and objectives, including instructional goals, lesson objectives, rationale of lessons, lesson content, instructional procedures, evaluation procedures, and materials. These features collectively show how lessons should be conducted so that students will learn precisely what their teachers want them to learn.

Creating Your Own Lesson Plans

When creating lesson plans, teachers have to take a few things into consideration. They have to determine what they want their students to learn and how to assess their learning. They also have to make sure that they meet all the standards that are set by their schools and states. Then, they need to select a method for introducing a lesson, which can be an oral explanation or interactivity, as well as a way to conduct the lesson, such as lecture, independent reading, or discussion. They should also prepare a list of key vocabulary that they want their students to learn as well as a materials list. After that, they have to find a way for students to practice the knowledge or skills that they have learned and decide what kinds of assignments to give out.

  • Writing Lesson Plans: An introduction to help teachers write lesson plans.
  • Guide: Follow this guide to learn how to write great lesson plans.
  • Lesson Plan Builder: Step-by-step manual on creating a lesson plan.
  • Sample: The page provides a sample lesson plan for reference.
  • Mistakes: Try to avoid these mistakes when you are creating the lesson plan.

Lesson Plans from a Template

It is best that teachers create their lesson plans from templates. This will ensure that all their lessons will conform to the same format, and students can learn better by following a familiar instructional style. However, it can be time-consuming to start planning from scratch before every lesson. Teachers can make their own lesson plan templates or use templates that are available on the Internet.

  • Microsoft: Lesson plan templates from Microsoft.
  • Templates: A good source of different lesson plan templates.
  • Acrobat 8: The lesson plan template from Adobe.
  • Plan Template: The page offers Word and PDF format of a lesson plan template.
  • Templates/Resources: The Georgia Educational Technology Training Center provides lesson plan templates for elementary, middle school, and high school teachers.
  • Hunter Method: Here’s a template for the Madeline Hunter lesson plan template.
  • SDAIE Design: Come here to access this style of lesson plan template.
  • Lesson Plan Templates: The Nipissing University offers lesson plan templates for primary and junior teachers.
  • SIOP: For some lessons, it’s a good idea to use this style.
  • Science Lesson: This template is suitable for a science lesson plan.

Pre-Made Lesson Plans

Occasionally, teachers can use pre-made lesson plans to make their lessons more interesting. There are numerous free lesson plans for every subject and grade level on the Internet. These materials have been proven to be effective in helping students learn new concepts and skills. They can be downloaded and printed out for easy reference.

  • edHelper: One of the best places to find high quality lesson plans.
  • Educator’s Reference Desk: Lots of great lesson plans on all subjects for all levels.
  • Smithsonian: Always a good source for lesson plans.
  • CSUN: A wealth of lesson plans for K-12 students on many subjects.
  • Teachernet: Searchable database of lesson plans.
  • English: The BBC provides a number of interesting lesson plans for English teachers.
  • ReadWriteThink: Many lesson plans on language arts.
  • Africa: Great resources for African studies teachers at the K-12 level.
  • Imagine the Universe: A series of lesson plans on various subjects by NASA.
  • Geography: The USGCRP offers some lesson plans for geography teachers.
  • Elementary Lesson Plans: A collection of fascinating lesson plans by the Asia Society.
  • Ocean Explorer: The NOAA provides a search engine for lesson plans.