Using Data Explorer

>1. Look at the LAUNCHER and click on the DATA EXPLORER icon. Click again on the second DATA EXPLORER icon.

2. Click on the ANALYZE DATA icon.

3. Click on the EXPLORE NUMBER DATA icon since the data we are using is

4. Click on the NEW icon on the left side of the blank screen. You will see a new data sheet.

5. At the top of the sheet type in the TITLE box: Boxplots of Test Data.

6. Tab down to DESCRIPTION and type in: Test Scores for Per. 5,6,7.

7. Label Column A by clicking on VARIABLE A and replace it with Per. 5 Scores.

8. Label Column B by replacing VARIABLE B with Per. 6 Scores and replace
VARIABLE C with Per. 7 Scores.

9. Enter the test data in Columns A,B, and C by clicking on each cell and typing in the data.

10. Go to the MENU BAR at the top. Click and drag on FILE to SAVE. Save your
data sheet to your disk on the DESKTOP. The TITLE should be your LAST


11. Click and drag on Columns A, B, and C. These columns should be highlighted.

12. Choose the GRAPH icon at the left of the data sheet. Then choose BOXPLOT.

13. You should see a graph. Click on the word TITLE. A title box should appear on the screen. Type in the title: MSM8 Test Scores and click OK.

14. From the MENU BAR at the top go to BOXPLOT and click on CHANGE

15. Highlight Per. 6 Scores, click on ADD and it will add the Per. 6 scores to the
column on the right. Add the Per. 7 Scores to the right column in the same way.
Click on OK.

16. Choose the NOTEBOOK icon at the left of the data sheet. Write your paragraph
for analysis of the data here.

17. Choose the PRINT icon at the left of the data sheet.

18. Highlight (NAME) BOXPLOT DATA: NOTEBOOK then click on ADD. Do the same for (NAME) BOXPLOT DATA: BOXPLOTS so that both of these are in the column on the right. Then click DONE.

19. PRINT out your paragraph using the PRINT OPTION as NORMAL.