Rubric:An Editorial - (D. Berry - Kilmer Middle School)

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Strong 5 4

Average 3 2

Weak 1



  • the writer’s position is clearly and firmly stated, perhaps in a fresh, original way.
  • word choice is deliberate and precise showing an effective awareness of audience.
  • the writer’s position is stated but may lack conviction or may be mechanical.
  • word choice shows an awareness of audience.
  • the writer’s position is not clear or no position is taken.
  • word choice reflects a lack of understanding of audience.
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    Ideas: Support and Organization

    • the opening sentence gets the reader’s attention.
    • meaningful reasons are presented and are well-supported with evidence.
    • the piece is arranged in an effective order.
  • the opening sentence, while sufficient, may lack interest.
  • reasons are supported with some evidence; some underdevelopment present.
  • the piece is arranged in an adequate order
  • the opening sentence fails to interest the reader.
  • reasons supporting the position are missing or are underdeveloped.
  • the piece is confusing in its arrangement.
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    • achieves or seriously attempts complex sentence structure.
  • achieves some complexity; simple sentence structure may be more evident.
  • achieve little complexity; simple sentence structure is most evident.
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    • errors are so minor and so few that the reader can overlook them.
  • errors begin to interfere with readability. Reader may need to reread on occasion.
  • hard to understand or may have to be reread several times because of many errors .
  • Key Criteria for the Editorial: argues an opinion using adequate support to justify the argument.

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    Score: ____________ Grade: _____________

    (Deductions will be taken for: late papers, inordinately messy papers which indicate no final draft)