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High school typically includes grades 9 to 12. The age of high school students range from 14 to 18 years old. Aside from the task of educating students, high school teachers may also have to deal with other challenges, like a lack of discipline, use of drugs or alcohol, and other social problems with their students. In this article, we will discuss the expectations of high school teachers, classroom behavior management, designing appropriate lessons, and other responsibilities.

What to Expect

In terms of education, high school teachers have to prepare the students for entry into universities or job market. Teachers are expected to cover course materials in various subjects, such as English, math, science, foreign languages, and social sciences. In the presentation of class materials, teachers in high schools are encouraged to use the latest techniques and methods; it is important that high school teachers keep current with emerging technologies in education and use the technology available to them to introduce students to classroom materials and adjust their teaching methods to reach their students. The job of a high school teacher is highly demanding and requires passion, dedication, and a commitment to education.

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Classroom Behavior Management

As stated, high school students may present unique challenges. Some of these challenges include fighting, rebelliousness, drug use, and sleeping in class, just to name a few. To manage classroom behavior, teachers may use the following techniques:

  • Clearly Defining and Enforcing Rules: Students need structure in order to thrive in a traditional academic setting. Clearly defining the expectations and rules for students is the first step. It is also important that the rules are consistently enforced; students that choose to act out in class or disregard the classroom expectations should be addressed immediately.
  • Encouraging Good Behavior: Good behavior should be acknowledged and encouraged.
  • Classroom Discipline: Addressing negative behavior in students immediately is important to correcting unacceptable behavior. Students need to understand exactly which behaviors are unacceptable and held accountable for their actions. Teachers struggling with disruptive students or unacceptable behaviors should not hesitate to seek support from their school administration.

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Designing Appropriate Lessons

Designing lesson plans is one of the responsibilities of high school teachers. Teachers should be focused on providing effective instruction, designing objectives for each class, monitoring student performance, and getting feedback. To develop an effective lesson, teachers should know the skills set of their students and help students to develop the skills needed to progress through the course curriculum. The objectives of any lesson should be made clear and resources made available to students struggling to meet the objective. Teachers can use models and reviews the lesson with the students, to get feedback to help them better meet the students’ needs in the future. There are also many lesson plans that can be found on the Internet.

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Other Responsibilities

High school teachers also have to prepare tests, allocate homework, and create a positive learning environment for their students. They may be asked to provide counseling, career guidance, and motivation to the students. Other responsibilities include interacting with school administration, organizing events for students, and meeting with parents. For high school teachers who are involved in extracurricular activities, they may also play an active role in the sport or club.

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Teaching high school students can be very challenging, but is equally rewarding to watch students succeed. Here are some more resources for high school teachers.

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